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6 September 2015

Voluntary Disclosure - extension of deadline for short or anonymous claims

At the very last minute, the tax authority announced today that they are extending the deadlines for the short or anonymous disclosures within the Voluntary Disclosure scheme. You can read more here.

At present, the revised deadline has yet to be announced, although my best guess is that it will be until either 30th June 2016 or 31st December 2016 (which is the deadline for the "regular" disclosure route).

The announcement also gives the statistics regarding the claims that have been made over the past year, since the scheme was first announced.

Over 3,000 claims have been made, "koshering" over NIS 10.3 billion. Of the claims made, approximately 60% have been on the anonymous route, and less than 15% using the regular route. The rest have gone for the short version.

More details about the procedures can be found here and here.

If you have income that has not been reported to the Israeli tax authority, contact me to discuss your options and how best to present your case.

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