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26 October 2015

Tax authority suggesting that you might be eligible for a refund

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In a somewhat surprising move, the tax authority announced yesterday that they have sent out letters to approximately 1,700 people whom they think might be eligible for a tax refund in respect of the 2012 year.

This is of course a welcome move by the tax authority, but it is laced with danger. As we've previously discussed, there are numerous reasons why a refund might be due (see here for example). BUT, as the tax system is not simple, you may actually OWE money to the tax man, so be sure to seek advice first.

And it is important to remember that a refund claim is like filing a full tax return, and as such carries the same legal consequences if you fail to report everything.

If you think you might be eligible for a refund (for 2012 and/or other years), contact me today.

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